November Goals

The biggest goal this month of course is the NaNo goal, 50,000 words in 30 days. I am going to do this, but it makes my tummy hurt a little this morning. I should be starting that in about an hour.

Finish the short story that takes place in the same world as my novel and get it formatted and published. I am thinking about doing this one exclusive with Amazon to try that out.

Sell 5 copies of Treacherous nature. My goal last month was 5 as well. I sold 6 at full price and then another 5 at $.99 the last few days for Halloween. Selling 5 this month is going to be hard, I think I have tapped all the people I actually know who might want it. So that means I have to find new markets. I have a few ideas, most of them are insane.

I don’t have a submissions goal this month, because NaNo is so big. But I might submit a few if I get time.

I will keep you updated on the progress.

To the other writers out there, what are your goals? Also to the non-writers, what are you doing this month?

4 thoughts on “November Goals

  1. My big writing goal this month is NaBlo, of course. I like your idea of setting monthly goals. I am working on developing a fat acceptance-related e-course. Between house, baby, and blogging I never actually do any work on it, so I’m afraid I’ll still be “working on” it 6 months from now. Maybe I could break it into smaller chunks and make smaller assignments out of it. I suck at that sort of planning!

    I wonder if your November market for Treacherous Nature can be the people you’re socializing with for NaNo. You’ll be meeting people, and they’re all writers – which means they’re all readers! – so make sure they all know about your book.

    • Breaking things into smaller pieces helps me a lot. Sometimes I even draw charts showing the correct order and relationship of each step to each other. I don’t make it fancy, because that would waste time I just jot it down and then start on the one at the top.
      I am hoping that some of the NaNo people are interested in my book and want to read it. If not I have a publicity stunt in the wings.

      • I love the idea of you doing a publicity stunt. I plan to buy your book when it goes back up to full price – I don’t want free stories :)

        Second to the idea that breaking things down into useable chunks helps paired with setting yourself a production schedule and trying to stick with it, NaBlo style but based on when you would like to be done with the writing.

        • I very much prefer selling it at full price. 😉 While I love getting as many people to buy as possible at any price, getting only $.35 for my book is a little sad making. It will be full price again on Sunday.

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