Treacherous Nature

by Kitty Sarkozy

Humanity’s greatest fear is nature.

In prehistoric times we huddled together around fires, flinching at the sounds closing in on us, making up stories to explain the unexplainable.

Now we romanticize nature and forget how vicious it can be. For each field of wild flowers there is a dark dangerous forest. Each gentle rain could become a devastating storm.

The five stories in this collection explore the darker side of the natural world, from poisonous plants to the ravenous beast crouched in each of us.

Step outside your safe home or high-rise office building and remember how it feels to be afraid and that not all the stories they tell to make you feel safe are true.

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“…an ambitious collection from a newly published writer. Moody and atmospheric…” – J.A. Tower

“…these little stories bounce you around in time and space, but the mysterious dread sticks with you through each story and afterwards. Loved it!” – Issa Waters


From Peach Blossoms:

A fairy tale is a story, a pretty vintage lie handed down from mother to daughter across the generations.  As we grow up, the lies slough away, washed off our brains by science, reason, and experience.  No 100-foot tall beanstalk could support its own weight. Clouds are puffy water, unsuitable foundation for a giant’s castle.  Horses are noble creatures; we can’t blame them for lacking the whimsy to evolve a single golden horn.   Fairies don’t flutter by on gossamer wings, nor do wicked witches sell produce door-to-door in this age of grocery stores and farmer’s markets. There are no magic lamps with jinn in residence or talking animals, unless you count the brutish groomsmen. Continue reading…

From Red, in Tooth and Claw:

Something strange happened last night. I was sleeping in the quarters I had shared with Captain Johnson, in the hammock which was modified after my injury. We all strap in before sleeping so we don’t float away. But mine has some extra support to keep my leg stable; once in place I can’t move around quickly or easily.

I woke up around 3 am with that prickly feeling of being watched. I had the impression that I was not alone. In order to turn towards the door I needed to release my leg from the harness. While I was doing that, I heard the door swish open and closed.

I think Richards was in my room. Continue reading…

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