Short Story Collections:
Treacherous Nature (Weaving Reality Press, September 2012)

Short Stories:
“Noir Noel”  -Published in Strange Christmas (Whortleberry Press, November 2012)”
Lullaby for the Dead” – (Wifiles, July 5, 2015) (Dryden House, 2016)
“Average Joe” – Published in Rise of the Europan (Dryden House, November 2015)
“Another Knight” – (Paper Butterfly, 2018) “Dream Girl” – “Hold Your Fire” (Wordfire Press, Febuary 2021)
“What We Talk About When We Talk About Cooking Country” Co-authored with Jamie Grimes and Jessica Ann York – (Pseudopod, October 2020)


“Cicadas Tales” (Atlanta HWA Georgia Gothic Anthology, October 2021)
“Love Potion on a Large #9” – (Wordfire Press, Febuary 2022)
“Lost in Reflection” – a young adult fantasy novel. (who knows? it’s been finished for years, I just refuse to edit it)

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