Belly Dance Week 1

So I figure I should put dance stuff on this blog, since it is about things I make and create.  It was hard to decide if it should go here or my other one.  My other blog is more about what I am doing and how I feel about those things.  So it would make sense to go there because it is something social that I am doing, and dance is a way to express myself. But it is also an art and a practice.   So here is where it will live. .

I am taking classes at Pera. They have really nice floors. I know that is a strange thing to notice, but I like the color and the smoothness, the way they felt on my feet.  Most places I have taken dance classes the floors are either all beat up or made of weird hard rubber feeling stuff.  I wonder how long Pera has been around to still have such nice floors.

Most of the class was spent working on taxeem.  There were only a few students so the class ended up going slow to accommodate me.  This is great because the personal attention means I am getting my money’s worth.  This was not so great, because I felt like I suck and am never going to get this.   So, this is how taxeem works: you are standing in the belly dance position (knees bent a little, tummy sort of tucked up, shoulders back) and then you do something like a figure 8 with your hips. Not front to back, instead up and down.  You drop the right hip then raise it. Drop the left then raise it. Repeat.   The leg of the hip being dropped should have little or no weight on it.  That was where I keep messing it all up.  For some reason I wanted to put all my weight on the bending knee.  I am going to practice doing this everyday this week so next week the teacher does not have to keep teaching it to me.  The teacher seems great, really nice.  I just hope the next 4 weeks are not spent trying to get me to do taxeem correctly.

We also worked some on a sort of flamenco looking hand thing (forgot the name).  It should be done with taxeem, but I could not do both together.  We did some snake arms near the end, ATS snake arms are very different than the ones I have done before, more controlled. My biceps are killing me just from doing maybe 10 minute of arms.  But that is good; I love sore muscles, they remind you that you are alive and you just did something wonderful.  Sore muscles are almost always the result of doing something I love or I am proud of.

The plan is to do these next 4 classes and then do the next session, and the next.  I think if I can stick with this it will be something I get a lot of pleasure out of.

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