I just started reading “Let’s Get Digital” by David Gaughran.   I have been reading his blog for a few weeks, which is interesting and very informative.   He has had success with it as have many others, and he kindly offers up all that hard work to you to make your adventures in self-publishing a bit easier.

There are several reasons I think self-publishing is a good idea. It is a way to get my work out there right away, so that the reader can decide if it is good instead of a publisher. It gives me the ability to control my work.  I might get a good review or make a few dollars.   At this point my self-confidence is a little low from the rejections.   Selling a story for $.99 just might energize my writing.

I am going to post my thoughts and activities related to self-publishing on here. David Gaughran and several others already have blogs about self-publishing.   Mine is not going to just be a rehashing of theirs.  I still want to talk about gardens, chickens, food and things I make.  I still plan to post free stories on here and do writing challenges.    Go download his book or read his blog if you want more info. Also check out  which also had lots of great posts on the subject.

Have you ever self-published?   Have you ever thought about it and decided not to?   Do you have any works up now that I can buy and read?

Please share your thoughts and experiences!   Link to your e-books!

3 thoughts on “Self-publishing

  1. Great post! I am planning on self-pubbing this year, as I have three books written and a few more on the way. I will be checking out David’s blog and I currently read Konrath’s blog (it is really good). Also, check out Dean Wesley Smith’s blog if you have the chance. I can’t count how much time I’ve spent reading his posts, but I always learn something new.


  2. Self publishing has come such a long way over the last few years. It’s truly a viable option and I’ve watched friends and family members take advantage of it. I don’t know if its the right thing for me, but I like knowing there is more than one way to get my work out there. 🙂


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