An Extraordinary Show

Extraordinary Contraptions I went to a house show on Sunday night with three great bands. I’d never been to a house show before and frankly it was a little surreal. Here are these great bands playing in a small Victorian looking parlor. It was like being in another time, which was perfect setting for the final band “The Extraordinary Contraptions” who are steampunk themed. The first performer was Third Seven ( I got to the show a little late, so I only heard two songs from him. His music seems very soulful and passionate. I am going to download his CD and tell you more about his music later once I have more to tell. fable cry The second group was Fable Cry ( who put on a very high energy, funny, exciting show. They have this creepy circus/traveling musicians sort of thing going on. If you are afraid of mimes, clowns or serial killer ring masters they might freak you out. They are a brother and sister group that is about as far from Donnie and Marie as you can get. I loved them. They are out of Tennessee so hopeful I will have a chance to see them preform again. Their songs are about adventures and their show was one. Frantically dancing with bells on his feet Zach Ferrin engaged the audience with a delightful mix of sinister and funny. Kirstie made everything surreal with bizarre sound effects and her delightfully haunting voice . These people are talented, each playing several instruments. Their music is sort of 1880 french, circus and appalachian hootenanny all mixed up. Check them out, you will not be disappointed. I took a few pictures of them, but none of them are very good so I am using this great picture from their facebook, which expresses them nicely. (If y’all see this, and I can’t use this picture for some reason let me know and I will take it down). The last group was The Extraordinary Contraptions (, who I have seen before in larger settings. They were wonderful as always. Their characters and costumes are fun, their music high energy, and their talent…well let me just say if you want to be able to say you liked them before they were famous you might need to get on that soon. These are skilled musicians who know what they are doing and are clearly enjoying themselves doing it. Live music, like live theater, is better than CDs or videos can express, however this video catches their whimsy and talent perfectly. Watch it now, and then tell me “Thank you! This has made my day!” in the comments. Because it will sweep you back to a time that never was, but should have been. Seriously, let me know what you think and tell me about any great performers that I need to be listening too.

3 thoughts on “An Extraordinary Show

  1. This was such a wonderful night. So glad you enjoyed it too, Kitty. “If you are afraid of mimes, clowns or serial killer ring masters they might freak you out.” I believe I’ll quote you on this one ;}


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