31 thoughts on “Color of Love

  1. The only love I’ve ever had in my heart, fulltime, has come from my wife and three daughters. They all have blue eyes. Maybe that’s the color of it, for me.

    But you’re right, it’s not what hallmark tells us. Good 33


    1. I bet lots of people would have different colors to describe love, the color of your wife and daughter’s eyes sounds like a perfect choice to me.


  2. Ooh, this is great. Love isn’t all stuffed bears and lacey hearts 🙂

    Hallmark should totally make a card on this concept…you open it up and it jolts you with an electric shock. No? Good thing I’m not in marketing, then.


  3. Hallmark really don’t have a clue. For each of us, it is different. Thank you for sharing your excellent thoughts, and I hope the sorrow is outweighed by joy when you look back.


    1. So far love for me has been more beautiful sparkles and worry about that ones I love, so I am pretty happy with it. The part about the chains is because someone I love has gone back to a relationship that is not healthy several times because of love. She had just told me she had broken up with him again and was leaving when I wrote this, so she was in the front of my thoughts. I hope the break up sticks this time and that next time she picks someone better.


    1. I had thought of starting my own greeting card company. Hand made cards, made uniquely for each individual. I like doing paper crafts and writing little poems. My friends sometimes get handmade cards from me. Maybe someday I will do it as a business. But I know from experience that each new business I start I lose interest in pretty quickly. Writing is the only thing I always want to do.


    1. The sugar coating gets people into trouble. Looking for a disney prince charming is never going to work out in the long term, but someones it seems like no one wants to admit that.


    1. I remember when I was a kid, how sparklers were so beautiful, but they also hurt a little. I wanted to throw them down and hold on to them as tightly as possible at the same time.


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