Rainbow Skirt

Look! A post that is not about writing. I do sometimes get up to other things.

I like to sew but I have not made much so far so I am still mostly keeping to simple things. Especially things that don’t require me to cut out a pattern. This skirt was technically easy to make, but it did take a long time. The general idea is just to cut out lots of squares, sew them together into strips, gather the strips and sew those together to make the skirt. The time consuming part is that this has almost 200 squares and the bottom layer was 25 feet long.

I got the idea from this site: http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=226380.0

Collecting the fabric was fun, I bought about half of it and the other half was gifted to me by my friend Danielle. I said I needed fabric and she drove over to my house and gave me a huge amount of beautiful fabric. I have enought left to make a few more things. I think this the the number of squares I used and they were all about 5 x 5 inches. Ninja is helping me put them in order. 

Pink/Red: 13 squares
Yellow/Orange: 21 squares
Green: 32 squares
Blue: 48 squares
Purple: 62 squares

Once cut, I would lay them out to make a nice pattern and then sew them together. This took a very long time, a few weeks since I was only working on this a little each day. But then finally I had all the strips done. I took this picture of them on the stairs so you could get an idea of how big this skirt really is.

The hardest part for me was the gathering.  I did it all by hand and I have not done much gathering before now, so it was a challenge.  I gathered each layer and then sewed it to the one above it.  The gathering and sewing only took a few days, be they frustrating days.After is was all sew together I finished it with bais tape and elastic at the top, and just bais tape at the bottom.

This skirt was a lot of fun to make, and also a lot of fun to wear.  I have only worn it a few times, each time getting tons of compliments, everyone loves it.  I also find the weight and puffyiness of it very pleasing.  I think it would be even nicer worn with a crinoline if I could get one of the right length –  all of mine are either to short or two long.  I wore it for the first time to Euphoria (a regional burn) which is where the next picture is from.   I might take a new picture of it today and switch them out, because I am not super happy with this picture.  I actually don’t know who the guy is,  I was just walking along and saw him wearing the same shirt as me (a dreaming nyan cat) so we took a picture together.

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