Writer’s Boot Camp Day 18

It’s Saturday,  and I don’t want to do this.  Like, not even a little.

So far today I have dropped stuff off at the storage building,  gone to the arts/crafts store and the grocery store. I’ve made 60 cupcakes in 3 types (one type gluten free) and made two types of buttercream frosting.  I have a super soft birthday party to be to in 2 hours, and I need to shower and get dressed. I am annoyed about doing this.

So very, very annoyed.

But, I’m doing it.  I guess.

Today the book talks about getting good at doing the small stuff.  In specific things like checking markets, using a submission tracker makes sure you type up your handwritten notes and keeping good notes and to-do lists.   I actually do ok at most of this, I don’t do the searching markets as often as I should, but when I do it’s well organized.  

I learned years ago that the time spent keeping a planner, keeping lists and notes is way less than the time you waste trying to figure out what the fuck you are supposed to be doing.   

Speaking of what I’m doing,  I just found out yesterday that my new job starts on Monday,  That is going to make doing this pretty damn hard. Oh well, I guess I’ll figure it out.  I need the money so I’ll make it work.

I’ll try to work on the poetry some more, but I’m not feeling much in a poetry mood.   

I got a little more done on one of the poems I’m working on.  I think I’ll have one of them finished tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll have at least 2 before the 27th to submit.  

Totally writing time today is 42 minutes,  that is sort of sad.  

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